ArmA 2 Vietnam Unsung

Current version: A2 Unsung 2.6

Mission Pack: A2 Evolution co-22

War Movies

We set out September 2013 to correct errors and bugs with our 2.5 release, and then 2.6 exploded to be our biggest release to date. With the help of new, keen and talented team members we released something very special. The Unsung Vietnam War Mod has evolved and broken new ground in the Arma series, bringing you never seen before concepts, pushing the Arma 2 engine to its maximum potential.

Most of our place holder models were updated with a host of new weapons, planes, APC’s , helicopter variants, bunkers, items and ground units. It features a complete faction over-haul, kitted out with new and improved weapons, items, grenades, mines, traps and backpacks all true to the era. 2.6 hosts more new kit for you to explore like working knives, silencers, flashlights and you’re your own dog-eared copy of Playboy. There are also some new and interesting things to “find” in game like snipers in trees and spider holes, improved traps and mines, and more Vietnamese wildlife.

Whilst our focus had always been on intensity and atmosphere, this time it was taken to the next level. This release undoubtedly quenched the thirst of community members who wanted to play a mod that takes you deep into the combat, where you will feel the sweat on your brow, as swarms of NVA and VC come screaming at you, as you empty your M16 in the dense jungles of South East Asia.

Photographic Media

Getting Started with Arma2 Unsung

Mods required 

To run Unsung 2.6 and join one of our servers you need


Unsung 2.6 (link above)

ACR LITE BIS’ multiplayer compatibility patch (needed for VNAF planes to work properly)

CBA for 1.63 Community Base Addons

VITAL TIP: set -nologs in your start line or you may experience lag (caused by BIS’ 1.63 patch)

Useful Files

Classnames index (Excel workbook) for mission makers by Eggbeast

The Evolution Mission Guide (PDF) by Eggbeast explains many of the functions and features in the mod

Eggbeast’s Backpack guide for Evolution (PDF)

Islands demo movies

Mekong Delta by Showmaker

Our ModDB page has a range of island tour movies so you can explore the unique features of each combat zone

Additional islands by Showmaker

Dak To

Demo missions

Load these up in the editor to familiarise yourself with the new kit

Unsung Rifle Range weapons demo - load it up in the editor and bang away to polish your skills

Vehicle and Weapon Demonstrator mission


Combat Missions (MP co-op)

[co-op 22] Evolution pack by Eggbeast on 5 Unsung maps

or separately

Evolution Cao Bang

Evolution Ia Drang Valley

Evolution South East Asia

Evolution Lowlands

Evolution Phu Bai

Op Dawn Breaker by JW Custom

Green Cyclone Coop Pack by IceBreakr

UNSUNG Coop Pack by colonel stagler

SP missions

Operation Weeping Widow by TBF Derp

Zeus Vietnam mission pack by Mondkalb and Toadball

Cameron's Unsung Vietnam SP mission pack by bluehomzee4001


Nam Memories by wiki

Operation Wayne Grey by Nettrucker