Vehicle Information

For getting about in-country the development build currently contains multiple types of the Willys Jeep, V-100 Commando, M-113 ACAV, Type 55 APC, BTR-152, Ural truck, ZSU Shilka and Sparka. For seeing the sights by air, you have the CH-34 Choctaw, H-13 Sioux, UH1-B/C Gunships and UH-1D Slick helicopters.  For faster air travel you have the O-2 Skymaster, C1a Trader, A1 Skyraider, A3 Skywarrior, A4 Skyhawk, A6 Intruder, A7 Corsair, F100 SuperSabre and F111 Aardvark. For water sports you have the NVA patrol boat and assault boat, the Tornado RIB, and the PBR MkII. There are many more vehicles in our workshop awaiting conversion to Arma 3 standards, so expect the fleet to be expanded with each new release.

Current version: ArmA 3 Unsung 3.3 Golf